Tour Our Facility

Tour Our Facility

A Room

The largest of our rooms has over 4,500 square feet of space and can comfortably hold 300 people with a 900 square foot dance floor. This room has its own full service bar, and a giant window with a view of all of nature’s seasons. This room is perfect for any of life’s celebrations.

B Room

The smallest of our rooms is perfect for the small family setting with over 2,400 hundred square foot of space. B room can comfortably hold over a hundred guests. This room also has its own full service bar.

C Room

Our second largest room is perfect if you are looking to host a small concert. The 700 square foot of dancing room is pulled away from the wall allowing a stage to be in place without taking up any of your dancing space. This room has over 4,000 square feet of space allowing you to hold over 200 guests. It also includes a full service bar.

D Room

This room has over 3,000 square feet of space and can comfortably hold 200 guests. There is 500 square feet of space to get your groove on and a full service bar to make sure you never get thirsty. This room also offers a view of all of nature’s seasons.


Our front lobby offers a wide open area for guest arrival and reception. You will also find a gorgeous staircase for beautiful and memorable picture taking surrounded by ceiling tall windows with a giant breath-taking chandelier. An elegant black baby grand piano will always be playing as your guests enter. Mirage offers valet parking services and coat check is always available for the comfort and convenience of your guests.